Corvallis Montessori School

Toddler House - Supply List

All items must be clearly labeled with your child’s name or initials in permanent ink.

  1. Two close up photos of your child.

  1. Family photos: 4-6 photos of anyone important to your child, including pets.

Please write names and relevant information on the back.

These will be made into a booklet for your child to enjoy.

  1. Change of clothes: 4 complete outfits (shirts, pants, socks).

  1. Diapers: 1 lg. package

If your child is 18 months or older the guide will collaborate with parents to begin the transition into cloth underwear. Diapers will still be worn for nap and to go home in.

  1. Cloth underwear (devoid of fantasy/cartoon characters): 6 pairs (Hanna Anderson girls white works best)

  1. Vinyl bags (for wet or soiled clothing): 2

Visit: for an idea of what to look for.

  1. Wet Wipes (perfume free): 2 refill packs

  1. Small soft hair brush: 1

  1. Washable indoor shoes: 1 pair (Crocs preferred)

  1. Rain gear: A hooded jacket, warm hat, and 2 pairs of mittens or gloves.

Please sew a loop onto all items. This takes a little time to prepare, but such a simple addition becomes a tremendous tool and visual marker so your child can independently hang their clothing up with ease.

  1. Sun hat: 1

  1. Pull-on rubber boots: 1 pair

  1. Small vinyl or cloth lunch bag devoid of fantasy/cartoon characters. (Full-day children bringing lunch from home only)

  1. Crib sheets: 2 standard size crib mattress sheet; size 28”x52” (Full-day children only)

  1. Crib size blanket: 1 small nap blanket devoid of fantasy/cartoon characters. (Full-day children only)