Summer Discovery Camp

Toddler Level

Children ages 15 months - 36 months are invited to continue their Montessori experience throughout the summer.  Daily schedules and routines are consistent with those of the academic year, supporting the toddler's need for consistency and predictability.  Activities include water play outdoors, blocks and legos indoors, as well as books, painting, art, and other familiar classroom activities.  Children in the midst of toileting awareness will continue to be supported toward independent use of the toilet throughout the summer.


Primary Level

Children ages 3 - 7 are invited to join us for a summer full of fun and interesting activities. While encompassing the Montessori philosophy, children will be offered many additional experiences. Additional activities will include science exploration, arts and crafts, outdoor games and water play, as well as cultural exploration.  Primary children attending Discovery Camp are expected to have prior experience in a Montessori classroom.  

Summer Discovery Camp 2017

Come Discover the World Around Us at CMS’s Summer Discovery Camp 2017

Three, four and five day options are available.  Choose half or full day.  Extended care is also available.  See registration form for options and pricing.

Week One, June 26 – June 30  :  The World of Plants

Come explore the world of plants. We’ll be planting seeds, exploring the parts of plants, learning about the plants we eat, and getting down and dirty as we cultivate and care for our garden.

Week Two, July 5-7  :  The World of Art and Music

This week we will explore classical music and a variety of art forms, from two-dimensional painting and drawing, to three-dimensional sculpture and clay. 

Week Three, July 10-14  : The World Under the Sea

There’s a great big world down under the sea. This week we will explore sea animals, discover the many layers of life in the ocean, learn about waves and motion, and learn about caring for our oceans.

Week Four, July 17-21 :  Sports Around the World

Sports week at Summer Discovery Camp is an opportunity for everyone to try a little bit of everything. From soccer and basketball, to Yoga and Tumbling, we’ll be doing it this week.

Week Five, July 24 – 28  : Animal Kingdoms

Our world is full of animal life. This week we will explore all the different kinds of animals that share the planet with us: mammals, birds, insects, and reptiles. On Friday we will learn about animals that were here before us and explore the Dinosaurs.

Week Six, July 31 – August 4 : Our Five Senses

This week we will explore the five senses of the human body: sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. 

Week Seven, August 7 – 11 : Outer Space

We’ll take off this week, exploring our universe as we learn about the solar system, the stars and constellations, space travel and outer space.

Week Eight, August 14 – 18 : Cultures around our World

Our last week of Summer Discovery Camp will find us back on earth, exploring food, dance and daily life on the different Continents of the world.

Rates and schedules are available on the Registration form, here. 


Camp Content 

Montessori Activities will be the cornerstone of the Summer Discovery experience.  Montessori materials and activities such as sensorial games, language exploration, cooking, gardening, grace and courtesy, science experimentation, and practical life will provide a strong basis for students’ exploration of the world around them as the summer unfolds.   There will also be plenty of time for indoor and outdoor structured and ‘free’ play time.

Art, Music, and creativity will be daily activities.  Students will be encouraged to create and discover with fun and open ended activities and will have freedom to express their own ideas through the artistic mediums provided by the instructor.  Students will be largely self-directed, using their own insights and sense of discovery to guide them. 

Registration forms are available at the front desk, or online here.

Enrollment Options

Toddler House Program 
     (age 15 months-3yrs)
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Primary Program
     (age 3yrs-6yrs) 
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Elementary Program 
     (age 6yrs - 12yrs) 
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