CMS operates a Toddler House program for children aged 15-36 months, three Primary classes, for children of ages 3 to 6, and an Elementary program for children of ages 6 to 12.

An AMI-certified guide/teacher and an assistant guide the children in each classroom community following Montessori principles.

Children aged 3 through 6 thrive in a peaceful yet zestful atmosphere, with enriched activities and a setting designed for their developmental needs and abilities. With individualized guidance over three years, each child builds a strong foundation in both practical and academic skills.

Children aged 6 through 12 experience the six-year Elementary Program. This program builds upon the Primary foundation. Enthusiasm abounds, as young explorers extend their studies through an extensive and integrated curriculum. Research involving language, mathematics, science, geography, creative arts, and other fields meet the children's desire to understand head-on. Each student, with guidance and instruction from their teacher, exceeds the State of Oregon educational standards for their grade level. The children also share responsibilities such as care of the physical environment, animals, and plants. Social skills are expanded as the children collaborate on projects in work and play and learn the ins and outs of self-discipline.

As the elementary aged children grow older they deepen and broaden their knowledge, understanding, and community-building. Each child continues to pursue his/her interests in projects which incorporate research in all fields of study, while developing their talents and leadership skills. The CMS older students establish invaluable preparation for their further successes in academics and life.

CMS before and after-school Extended Care Programs provide a comfortable and fun link between the home and the Montessori classrooms. Those children who stay for extended days and school-closure days enjoy a rich assortment of activities including arts, music, gardening, and games.

Enrollment Options

Toddler House Program 
     (age 15 months-3yrs)
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Primary Program
     (age 3yrs-6yrs) 
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Elementary Program 
     (age 6yrs - 12yrs) 
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Updated 10/1/2017