What is the Parent Association?

The CMS Parent Association was formed by a group of interested parents in 2008. The Parent Association’s mission is to support the general CMS mission by building community. This mission is accomplished by:

    • Welcoming new parents;
    • Encouraging and facilitating communication between parents and the CMS administration;
    • Providing a safe environment for parent discussion and support from other CMS community members;
    • Promoting education of the philosophy, practices, and curriculum of Dr. Maria Montessori; and
    • Encouraging participation in CMS social events and fundraisers.

How Can I Get Involved?

    • Attend Regular Parent Association (PA) Meetings:

Parent Association meetings are held once a month.  Please see the CMS calendar for the next scheduled Parent Association Meeting. 

    • Get Involved with a PA Committee:

There are three PA committees: 1) parent support; 2) community building; and 3) fundraising (to complement efforts by the Auction Committee and the CMS Board Fundraising Committee). The committees will publicize specific meeting dates and times and other means of participating.

    • Help as Specific Opportunities are Identified:

Throughout the year the PA will highlight specific opportunities to help out. You are encouraged to lend a hand to fulfill these specific tasks when they are publicized. Watch for e-mails and postings at the School regarding future opportunities.  All hours contributed count toward the expected Parent Participation hours.

What If I Can’t Attend PA Meetings?

We understand that not everyone may be able to attend PA meetings or regular committee meetings. It is not a requirement to attend regular meetings to be part of the PA or otherwise involved with the PA’s activities. One of the PA’s goals is to promote multiple ways for parents to get involved as their time and schedules allow.

For More Information:

Meeting announcements and other periodic updates about the PA’s activities will be posted on the bulletin board to the right of the entrance of the Commons.  Mettings are also posted on the school website calendar. Updates also will be posted to the CMS list serv e-mail address. If you would like more information about CMS Parent Association, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us.

Note: PA meeting schedules are subject to change. Please check the CMS calendar to confirm event date and time.



Tote Bags

Corvallis Montessori School tote bags are available through the CMS Parent Association.  Help the Parent Association support community building by purchasing a CMS tote bag.  Dark blue reusable totes are printed with a white CMS logo.  Pick up a few in the lobby.




Bumper Stickers

FREE! Share your love of Montessori by sporting a CMS bumper sticker on the vehicle of your choice.  Available in the lobby.