1. Toddler House [15mo - 3yr]
  2. Primary [3yr - 6yr]
  3. Elementary [1st - 6th grade]
  4. Why Montessori?
  5. Prospective Families

Corvallis Montessori School’s Toddler House serves children who are comfortably walking (approximately age 15 months) to 3 yrs, in a small and intimate group of 8-12 children and 3-4 trained staff persons.

The toddler’s most important work - and the emphasis in the Toddler House - is the acquisition of language, along with the development and refinement of gross motor coordination. The Toddler House provides a nurturing environment for this growth to take place.

A toddler is a child in transition – a child with particular needs and abilities, which can best be aided through the Montessori toddler environment.

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Our Primary classrooms are for children from 3 to 6 years. In a mixed-age environment, children spend three or four years in the same classroom, growing from youngest to leader, as they experience a prepared environment rich with opportunities for learning and growth. There are up to 25 children per class. One Montessori teacher and one assistant guide the children in a rich array of activities.

Children must be completely potty-trained. The class is 5 mornings per week. Prospective parents may choose to enroll their child in our Half-Day Primary Program (8:30am - 11:30pm) or Full-Day Primary Program (8:30am - 3:00pm).

Extended care program for early mornings and after-school is offered on a space-available basis.

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The elementary program serves students from 6 to 12 years old. The elementary program builds upon the academic and social foundation provided in the Primary program. As children move from the concrete to the abstract in the second plane of development, they are guided to deeper and broader explorations of the universe.

Each child follows a dynamic individualized curriculum which incorporates mathematics, physical sciences, geography & cultural studies, music, art, language, theatre & drama, physical education, spanish, and other fields of study.

Extended care program for early mornings and after-school is offered on a space-available basis.

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This is the most important question a parent can ask. After all, there are many private/independent schools to choose from; what makes Montessori the right choice?

Early in the 20th century, decades before early childhood development was a course of study in our colleges and universities, the Italian educator and physician, Dr. Maria Montessori, established her teaching method. Dr. Montessori's revolutionary discoveries caught the attention of educators around the world. One observation became a cornerstone of her method: that meaningful work is essential to a child's development. The Montessori curriculum encompasses that development from birth through adolescence.

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The Corvallis Montessori School welcomes all families regardless of race, color, ethnic origin, religion, or lifestyle. We encourage prospective families to engage their interest in lifelong learning and welcome participation in classroom observation, our info breakfasts with the head of school, parent education meetings, and other events. Once you have applied for admission, you can also be added to our email lists and receive information on a wide range of community events. To welcome a new family to our community, a mentor will be assigned to a new family! A mentor is a current parent at our school and will help you get acquainted with other families.

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Enrollment Options

Toddler House Program 
     (age 15 months-3yrs)
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Primary Program
     (age 3yrs-6yrs) 
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Elementary Program 
     (age 6yrs - 12yrs) 
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Updated 10/1/2017