At Corvallis Montessori School we are committed to creating an environment for very young children to take their next steps toward independence as they follow normal rhythms of eating, sleeping, and activity in a homelike atmosphere under the nurturing guidance of trained, caring adults.  

The Toddler House environment includes:

  • Montessori Materials

- Small motor skills and eye-hand coordination are developed through the use of beautiful blocks, puzzles and other manipulatives

  • Work Area

- Appropriately sized furniture and individual work rugsToddler working on binomail cubeToddler painting

- Concentration of the child is respected

  • Practical Life Area

- Engaging in food preparation

- Care of the environment - setting a table

- Washing dishes & tables

- Sweeping and mopping the floor

- Care of the person - hand washing

- Dressing and toileting

  • Eating Area

- Appropriately sized tables and chairs

- Both individual and communal

  • Language and Reading Area

- Variety of children’s literature; non-fiction, fiction and poetry

- Language cards and matching objects

  • Music and Art

- Adequate space for art expression, singing and dancing

- No day should pass without art, music and dance

  • Outdoor

- Provides large space for running and playing

- Allows a child to interact with nature

Toddlers reading a book
Toddler reading a book


Enrollment Options

Toddler House Program 
     (age 15 months-3yrs)
Accepting applications for Wait List 
Primary Program
     (age 3yrs-6yrs) 
Now Enrolling 
Elementary Program 
     (age 6yrs - 12yrs) 
Now enrolling 
Call 541-753-2513 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
for more information regarding the admissions process.
Updated 10/1/2017