Throughout the year Corvallis Montessori School hosts a variety of events designed to celebrate and support the school as well as build community. Many aspects of these events are uniquely CMS, so please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our exciting annual calendar of events!


Annual Campaign

The CMS Annual Campaign is one of the primary vehicles for financially supporting the daily programs and operations at CMS. Tuition revenues do not cover all our costs. Like other non-profit schools, CMS depends on support from current and alumni families along with friends in the extended community.

Gifts made for the Annual Campaign have a direct impact on the everyday lives of CMS students and are used for such items as:  maintaining or enhancing facilities, the School's library, and much more.


Martin Luther King Jr. Children's Celebration

“Establishing lasting peace is the work of education…” --Maria Montessori
The goal of this year’s MLK Jr. Children’s Celebration, is to bring messages of peace and tolerance to our community and, by doing so, bringing it to the world. The celebration will take place at the Whiteside Theatre in downtown Corvallis. The celebration has three main goals; multicultural outreach, multicultural entertainment, multicultural sustenance and sharing messages of peace with the community and the world.

Open House

Each year in late February or early March the school holds an open house for families interested in touring the facility and learning more about Montessori education. The Faculty is on hand to answer questions.  Interested parents may visit classrooms and speak with staff members.