At CMS we see every child as an unfolding being.  Our approach is to assist this being in creating herself.  We do so by providing an environment for guided exploration, which leads to meaningful learning.

This approach has in mind the full and rich development of your child into a mature human being who is prepared to live in the world effectively.  Parents tell us that they want their adult child to be resourceful and responsible, to be self-motivated and self-disciplined, to be capable of effective problem solving, creative thought and adaptable.  Parents tell us that their vision of a healthy child is one who is confident, independent, empathetic and capable of balancing collaborative work with leadership abilities.

We make it our guiding focus to deliver the experiences that will provide every child with the possibility of achieving these worthy goals of parents. The educational approach that is in practice at CMS is time-tested, backed by scientific study and respected around the world.

Watch this video to hear what alumni families say about their experience at CMS, now that their children are grown. CMS Alums answer the question: "Why Montessori"?

"Our aim is not merely to make the child understand, and still less to force him/her to memorize, but so to touch the imagination as to enthuse the child's innermost core." ~ Dr. Maria Montessori.

Enrollment Options

Toddler House Program 
     (age 15 months-3yrs)
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Primary Program
     (age 3yrs-6yrs) 
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Elementary Program 
     (age 6yrs - 12yrs) 
Now enrolling 
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Updated 10/1/2017